Scholarship Program

American Medical Pathway Honors Program Scholarship

School is not cheap. By taking full advantage of the CV Academics Foundation scholarship program, students can amplify their academic and career development opportunities and successfully navigate their journey towards a career in healthcare. If you are not able to afford the $75 yearly cost of the AMP Honors Program, a scholarship may be available to provide students:

  • Membership in a global community dedicated to developing current and future generations of healthcare professionals
  • Guidance and mentorship from global healthcare experts, academic professionals, and peer mentors
  • Career discovery interviews providing insights into a vast array of healthcare specialties
  • Anatomy and Physiology content presented in a self-paced efficient manner

Our scholarships empower students to achieve excellence in their courses and career path from the support they receive from the CV Academic professional community. The application process is simple, will take only minutes to complete, and can be submitted at any time.

Apply for Your Scholarship

You can apply for a one year scholarship at anytime. The application process begins by completing and submitting the form below. The CV Academics Foundation Advisory Board reviews scholarship applications quarterly. Someone will contact you if additional or clarifying information is required for your application. If you have questions and need assistance, you may contact us here. Otherwise, get busy filling out this quick and easy application to apply for your AMP Honors Program scholarship! Scholarship recipients will be contacted directly.

Please provide a personal statement and describe why you are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. Include specific goals you may have for pursuing a higher education.
Please describe how you feel the American Medical Pathway Honors Program (AMP HP) will help you be successful in pursuing a career in healthcare and reaching the goals you described.
The AMP HP and its network of professional partners have limited scholarship award resources. Briefly explain why you are applying for scholarship support and how these funds will help you be successful in the AMP HP community.

* Please note: CV Academics Foundation will not offer, sell, or distribute any information collected to any unaffiliated businesses, corporations, or organizations.

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