Mission & Vision

Expanding Our Approach to Educational & Career Guidance

The CV Academics Foundation was developed to effectively guide the strategic growth of our academic and career development platform while maintaining its infrastructure and purpose during expansion. As the founders of the American Medical Pathway Honors Program discovered the potential of their unique formula for guidance, they on-boarded a number of experienced professionals to help develop the program into a robust academic and career development platform. What started as a single program is now specifically designed to exponentially grow to incorporate new professional pathways, engaging events, professional conferences, and resource development for students of varying interests, talents, and passions. As such, the CV Academics Foundation is guided by a series of principles and values outlined in our mission and vision.

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IT’S OUR MISSION to provide students with unparalleled access to academic and career development opportunities using expert educational resources, peer-to-peer and professional mentorships, and real-world learning to foster meaningful achievements and guide successful career pathways.


OUR VISION is to strengthen communities by providing students of all backgrounds access to comprehensive academic networks, engaging career resources, and real-world learning opportunities that foster personal and professional development.

CV Academics Foundation

The CV Academics Foundation developed from the growth of the American Medical Pathway Honors Program and has since helped to guide the continued development of our academic and career development platform, the growth of our sponsorship network, and the diversified learning opportunities facilitated by our Learning Partners. The CV Academics Foundation is built on strong relationships with forward-thinking educational institutions, professional organizations, and community leaders. Learn how you can join us in our mission and vision: