Super Mentors

Meet Our Super Mentors

CV Academics Foundation is proud to work with a group of dedicated undergraduate  and graduate students, plus young professionals, collectively known as Super Mentors. Our Super Mentors are experienced and passionate individuals members can turn to for peer-to-peer advice and guidance regarding educational and career development.

What is a Super Mentor?

Super Mentors provide a hands-on, tailored approach to education and career development. As experienced students in their respective fields, Super Mentors have a real-world understanding of what it takes to work towards a successful and fulfilling career. Students have the opportunity to hear from individuals who have walked in their shoes and provide behind-the-scenes insight into what it is really like. This level of career exposure and professional transparency provides students with the information they need to make the most informed educational and professional choices for their futures.

Super Mentors provide unique, fresh, and relevant insights to students on:

• Selecting the right high school and collegiate courses to suit their professional interests
• Successfully approaching the application process for specialty or professional schools
• Finding the right fit for internships and shadowing opportunities
• Effectively navigating through scholastic and professional milestones