About the Foundation

About the CV Academics Foundation

In order to truly harness the potential of this innovative approach to education and career guidance, we have launched the CV Academics Foundation to guide strategic, effective growth. This unique career development platform connects students to real-world experiences, mentors, evidence-based and science-based resources, peer-to-peer group discussions, and tailored curriculum. Students anywhere are able to access our flagship, American Medical Pathway Honors Program. AMP HP enhances the traditional education model by digitally connecting students and professionals across the globe to build a competitive resume, right from home. We partner with educational institutions and professional organizations to develop the curriculum, opportunities, and professional connections that drive a stronger, well-rounded workforce.

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Our Mission & Vision

As a recognized non-profit organization, the CV Academics Foundation is built on the passion and conviction of a number of experienced professionals dedicated to improving student access to highly skilled professions. Our Mission and Vision are the cornerstone of all we do.

Our Leadership

As a recognized 501(c)(3), the CV Academics Foundation was initiated by the development of the American Medical Pathway Honors Program. Established by Dr. John Ulmer and Dr. Andy Klein, AMP HP sought to provide meaningful and robust academic and career guidance for motivated students interested in becoming physicians.

The program has since grown to include all disciplines in the healthcare industry and is expanding to offer new pathways for many other highly skilled professions.

Our Super Mentors

Participating members have unmatched access to a network of experienced, enthusiastic students and young professionals who have successfully followed their own career pathway. Our group of skilled and eager Super Mentors facilitate effective discussion, provide unique insights into educational and professional development, and most importantly, act as a support network for students navigating important career-based decisions.

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