American Medical Pathway Honors Program

Jumpstart Your Healthcare Career Today

Finding the clearest path to a meaningful and fulfilling career in medicine and other competitive healthcare fields requires expert guidance and an inside look into the industry. CV Academics connects motivated students with expertly developed resources, a broad mentorship network of healthcare professionals, and a community of like-minded peers to provide that guidance. Our academic and career development platform connects focused students with rewarding career choices and equips members to be stronger candidates and contributors in their field of choice.

American Medical Pathway Honors Program

A Well-Rounded Approach to Healthcare Careers

The American Medical Pathway Honors Program (AMP HP) provides students access to rich content on diverse healthcare topics including original material from our board of experienced physicians, educators and professional experts. AMP HP encourages students to pursue knowledge and engage with resources and opportunities from our growing network of sponsor organizations and learning partners. Activities offered on our academic and career development platform help students build a competitive curriculum vitae (CV) or resume they can use when applying for professional positions or further academic work. Students who are active with AMP HP develop the knowledge and well-rounded experience to make better decisions about their individual health, potential healthcare careers, and the health of their communities.

How AMP Works

The AMP Honors Program helps talented and committed students discover and build their future in healthcare through a community approach: connect, learn, build. As a member of the AMP Honors Program, students exploring a future in healthcare will have access to the following benefits:

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Membership in a global program for current and future generations of healthcare professionals

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A safe and welcoming community of students and experts who are similarly passionate about diverse healthcare fields

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Help build your CV with support from our network of sponsors and Learning Partners.

Exclusive content and independent coursework custom made by industry-leading healthcare professionals and educators

Global, national and local peer and community healthcare networking opportunities

Helping You Meet Medical & Healthcare School Requirements

The days of high GPAs and standardized test scores guaranteeing admission to medical school and other healthcare fields are over. While good grades and scores are definitely important, schools are also searching for well-rounded, holistic candidates.

These programs are looking for students who will exhibit character, leadership, compassion, and motivation. In the AMP Honors Program, students develop and demonstrate these qualities through networking opportunities with healthcare professionals, extracurricular educational activities, volunteering, job shadowing, and healthcare experiences.

Program Features

As a first-of-its-kind offering, the American Medical Pathway Honors Program (AMP HP) was developed by a team of dedicated physicians and educators with diverse experience in the healthcare industry to provide the best opportunities for growth and development. Amplify your educational and career opportunities in healthcare by taking full advantage of our program. With AMP HP you have direct access to:

  • membership to a growing online community invested in the development of students interested in healthcare careers.
  • guidance and mentorship from healthcare and education professionals as well as a team of peer mentors.
  • career discovery interviews providing insights into a vast array of healthcare specialties.
  • year-long anatomy and physiology, current healthcare related topics, and educational experiences are presented in self-paced, efficient manner.
  • guidance and insight into undergraduate, graduate, and specialty healthcare admissions.
  • opportunities with our sponsors and Learning Partners to expand your resume. 
AMP Program Features

Building Your Curriculum Vitae (CV)

As a member of AMP HP, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue a wide array of professional healthcare disciplines and track your progress towards your goals. We’ll provide the opportunity for you to obtain and document all of your experiences, such as:

  • Science-based educational coursework
  • Publications and presentations
  • Research
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Job shadowing and internship opportunities
  • Job history and experience

Build a competitive resume to highlight your most related experience and skills with the help of CV Academics.


It’s Time To Get Started

Should you start thinking about this now? Yes—the sooner, the better! More than half of all medical students, and many other healthcare professionals, decide on their careers before they enter college. Future applicants, who have a deep and sustained interest in healthcare, are already building their case for entrance while in high school.

That being said, it’s never too late to begin, and AMP Honors Program is committed to helping returning and non-traditional students nurture their potential, too. We know you have a busy schedule, so AMP is designed to make the most of your time. By starting early, students can gain knowledge and experience in just a few hours per month.

Membership in the AMP Honors Program, including web-based access, app for IOS and Android, and all added services, regularly costs $150 per year for an individual student. However, there is currently no cost for you to join – we won’t even require a credit card or any other form of payment for you to register. Registration takes only seconds and requires a minimal amount of personal information. Click that Sign Up Now button to start down your pathway!

AMP Honors Program FAQ

No. Everyone is welcome. The only requirements are time, dedication to career discovery and development, and a willingness to learn.

The AMP Honors Program is designed to guide, motivate, inform, and provide opportunities for you to develop into the type of holistic candidate sought by school admissions committees. By engaging in AMP Honors Program, you can gain awareness of various healthcare topics and start to build expertise in a specific healthcare field of interest. AMP will make it easier for you to network and participate in community events that will help you progress as a person.

Beyond grades and test scores alone, AMP provides the whole competitive package which helps you become the best version of yourself; that is what school admissions committees want to see. Your experiences with AMP HP will give you a competitive advantage, however, cannot guarantee your future acceptance into college, medical school, or other competitive healthcare schools.

The program is designed to make the most of your time, recognizing that high school and undergraduate students today have busy schedules and numerous obligations. The time commitment for the program will vary by student, and can range from minutes per week to hours per month. Following the program design, you will read a couple of interesting, educational articles and features each week and engage directly with healthcare experts and professionals within the platform a few times per month. Over time, your reading and interactions with experts will elevate your understanding of the healthcare field.

The investment of time spent networking and participating in academic and career development opportunities will determine your results. Spend most of your time in the specific area of healthcare that interests you most and learn as much as you can; it will benefit you more than getting only superficially involved in many areas.

Early engagement in the AMP Honors Program will give you insights into a variety of health professions so you can determine the right path for you. Whether you pursue a career in medicine, another healthcare field, or a career outside of healthcare, the knowledge and experience you gain from AMP will help you develop into a well-rounded student candidate with a competitive CV.

AMP Honors Program is a growing and dynamic network of passionate users learning from one another. As long as you’re still open and curious, we encourage you to stay! We have everything from custom-made coursework to industry news, so there’s always new content no matter what career stage you’re in.

Yes! AMP Honors Program is open to students at any point in their academic career, whether they’re high school students, college students, or established professionals looking to pivot into healthcare. Early engagement in this program is advised to develop a competative CV reflective of a deep and sustained interest in healthcare. In other words, the sooner the better—so sign up today!

Educators, facility, advisors, parents, and everyone interested in helping students discover and navigate a successful career path in a health-related field, are welcome and valued on the AMP Honors Program.

AMP Honors Program is global community focused on serving all students with an internet connection. Everyone is welcome to join our community online, both nationally and globally. We encourage all learners to enroll and participate.

Membership in the AMP HP program, including web-based access, app for IOS and Android, and all added services, regularly costs $150 per year for an individual student. However, there is currently no cost for you to join – we won’t even require a credit card or any other form of payment for you to register. Registration takes only seconds and requires a minimal amount of personal information.

The AMP Honors Program is administered by CV Academics Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.