Learning Partners

The Role of CV Academics Learning Partners

CV Academics Foundation partners with professional organizations and educational institutions to provide our student members with engaging content and real-world learning experiences to better prepare them for future careers. We are excited to connect with businesses and organizations looking to develop workforce strategies or complement their educational offerings. We collaborate with our Learning Partners to identify how our academic and career development platform can be beneficial in delivering their messaging and content to motivated students seeking access to their industries.

Learning Partners help students:

Learning Partner Arrow Discover diverse career options

Learning Partner Arrow Build foundational knowledge to master academic content

Learning Partner Arrow Foster skills to think critically and solve complex problems

Learning Partner Arrow Improve life skills for personal and professional growth

Learning Partner Arrow Connect relevant concepts and themes

Learning Partner Arrow Build Develop resume-building opportunities

Learning Partner Opportunities

Join our growing community of businesses, organizations, and educational institutions to get involved with and benefit from our platform. As a Learning Partner, strengthen your messaging to provide students with future career pathways, academic programs, and educational curriculum by:

Learning Partners Icon 1

Sponsoring a professional or learning channel in support of your industry, school, or organization

Learning Partners Icon 2

Developing applicable content or courses for student members

Learning Partners Icon 3

Hosting in-person or virtual learning experiences

Learning Partner Benefits

CV Academic Foundation Learning Partners have a direct impact on the students, organizations, and professional networks we work with every day. Learning Partners receive various levels of recognition across our digital and in-person experiences, gaining the opportunity to reach new audiences. Using logo and brand recognition, you gain the opportunity to reach new audiences. Additional benefits include content sharing and hosting options for live events on our platform, mobile app, and website. Highlights for Learning Partners include:

Orange Checkmark Logo and brand recognition on our platform, website and app
Orange Checkmark Focused content strategy on social media
Orange Checkmark Logo Access to our educated, relevant, target audience
Orange Checkmark Content contributions opportunities
Orange Checkmark Sponsorship of unique events

Become a Learning Partner

If you are looking to invest in a stronger, more well-rounded workforce for your industry or would like to tap into the potential of our student participants for your internships, shadowing opportunities, and educational or training programs, then consider becoming a Foundation Learning Partner. Your investment in our academic and career development platform has a tremendous impact on our student members and the greater community.

To learn more about becoming a Learning Partner, please complete the form below:

* Please note: CV Academics Foundation will not offer, sell, or distribute any information collected to any unaffiliated businesses, corporations, or organizations

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