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Finding the clearest path to a meaningful and fulfilling career in medicine and other competitive healthcare fields requires expert guidance and an inside look into the industry. The AMP Honors Program connects motivated students with expertly-developed resources, a broad mentorship network of healthcare professionals, and a community of like-minded peers to provide that guidance. Meet and interact with others just like you from your desktop or laptop. You can also download our free app and connect from your phone or tablet!

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You’ll have access to healthcare mentors, expertly-designed academic and career development resources, and real-world experiences that help you build competitive, experience-based curriculum vitae (CV).

More than half of all medical students, and many other healthcare professionals, decide on their careers before they enter college. Future applicants, who have a deep and sustained interest in healthcare, are already building their case for entrance while in high school. That being said, it’s never too late to begin, and AMP Honors Program is committed to helping returning and non-traditional students nurture their potential, too. We know you have a busy schedule, so AMP is designed to make the most of your time. By starting early, students can gain knowledge and experience in just a few hours per month.

Membership in the AMP Honors Program, including our app for IOS or Android and all added services, regularly costs $150 per year. But, if you act now, there is no cost for you to join – we won’t even require a credit card or any other form of payment for you to register! Registration takes only seconds and requires a minimal amount of personal information. Click the Jumpstart Your Healthcare Career button to find out more information or simply click the JOIN button at the top to start on your medical career pathway now!

The Premier Career Development Platform for Students

CV Academics works to connect students with peers, experienced mentors and a community of passionate professionals. CVA works to uniquely improve access to education and healthcare career development. CVA’s partnerships, resources and technologies help students expand their resumes, discover and define a clear pathway to a successful career.

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How It Works

CV Academics takes an innovative approach to academic and career guidance by providing unmatched access to knowledge and real-world experience through engaging technology.

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Our community provides students with dynamic educational experiences customized around their interests and academic level. Students have access to real-world knowledge, experience and career guidance supported by a diverse network of learning partners, student and expert mentors, experienced professionals, and other engaged peers.

Our partnerships help facilitate ground-breaking curriculum and educational resources that provide our students with innovative resume and curriculum vitae (CV) building opportunities.

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Students have access from anywhere there is an internet connection. Our unique program offers students, from all socioeconomic backgrounds, a one-of-a-kind connection to help develop a successful career pathway.

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Regularly $150 a year, there is currently no charge to participate and get access to the help and support you need to be successful! Everyone can now access our academic content and career development opportunities to discover and develop meaningful career paths that enhance their lives and strengthen their communities.

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Career-Focused Education Designed to Foster Successful Futures

Our flagship platform, the American Medical Pathway Honors Program, is a peer-to-peer, virtual academic and career development platform. This is where motivated students connect with mentors, resources, experiences, and curriculum for a number of highly skilled professions. Our community-based, education platform connects students and professionals from anywhere in the world to help build competitive, experience-based student resumes.

Programs for business, engineering, and legal are part of our future pathway!

Sponsorship Opportunities

As a recognized non-profit organization, we rely on independent and corporate sponsorships and donations to keep our education platform and our programs affordable and accessible to all students. We are seeking partners and sponsors who share our passion for the development of a well-rounded workforce through our cutting edge community, professional and educational events, engaging conferences, and resource development. Explore our financial support and brand promotion opportunities to get involved today.

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Learning Partners

We partner with educational institutions and professional organizations to provide our members with access to real-world experiences and science-based curriculum to help unlock their professional potential and capture their talents. Join our community-based network of learning partners and discover a whole new generation of motivated and passionate students ready to jumpstart their career in your industry.

CV Academic Foundation Sponsors & Learning Partners

Join these leading professional and educational organizations who are already helping CV Academics deliver the most effective career guidance and development opportunities available across the globe.

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