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Connecting Motivated Students with Real-World Professional Experiences

Our educational programs work to connect students with like-minded peers, experienced mentors, and a community of professionals to effectively explore and define a clear pathway to success in the professional field of their choice. Guided by a group of industry-recognized professionals who are passionate about improving access to education and career training, CVA develops crucial partnerships, resources, and technology to help students expand their resumes and pursue meaningful, successful careers.

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How It Works

CV Academics takes an innovative approach to academic and career guidance by providing unmatched access to knowledge and real-world experience through engaging technology.

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CV Academics Foundation’s innovative academic and career development platform provides students with dynamic educational experiences customized around their interests and academic level. Supported by a robust network of mentors and industry-relevant resources, students have access to real-world knowledge and career guidance.


We partner with industry-recognized professional organizations and educational institutions to develop and provide real-world experiences for students seeking active engagement with the professional fields of their choice. Our partnerships help facilitate ground-breaking curriculum and educational resources that provide our students with innovative resume and curriculum vitae (CV) building opportunities.

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Students can access our education platform from virtually anywhere. We leverage continuously advancing technology to create a sustainable, remote, educational community for all students. Our unique software offers students, from all socioeconomic backgrounds, a one-of-a-kind connection to the future profession of their choice.

Join the American Medical Pathway Honors Program

From high school to professional education, AMP HP gives you access to the right resources and experiences, in the right place, at the right time.

American Medical Pathway Honors Program (AMP HP) provides you with measurable achievements specifically designed to help you navigate a successful career path in healthcare. We’ll help you focus your interests, make the most out of your educational investments, and make positive career choices for a successful future.

You’ll have access to healthcare mentors, expertly developed medical curriculum and resources, and real-world experiences that help you build a competitive, experience-based curriculum vitae (CV).

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Career-Focused Education Designed to Foster Successful Futures

We connect motivated students with mentors, resources, experiences, and curriculum for a number of highly skilled professions. Our community-based, education platform connects students and professionals from across the country to help build competitive, experience-based student resumes.

What started with our flagship program, the American Medical Pathway Honors Program, is quickly expanding to provide a first-of-its-kind, robust, peer-to-peer, community-based, virtual academic and career development platform for students interested in pursuing specialized career paths.

Programs for business, engineering, and legal coming soon!

Sponsorship Opportunities

As a recognized non-profit organization, we leverage independent and corporate sponsorships and donations to keep our education platform and our programs affordable and accessible to all students. We are seeking partners and sponsors who share our passion for the development of a well-rounded workforce through our cutting edge education platform, professional and educational events, engaging conferences, and resource development. Explore our financial support and brand promotion opportunities to get involved today.

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Learning Partners

We partner with a number of educational institutions and professional organizations to provide our members with access to real-world experiences and science-based curriculum to help unlock their professional potential and capture their talents. Join our network of learning partners and discover a whole new generation of motivated and passionate students ready to jumpstart their career in your industry.

CV Academic Foundation Sponsors & Learning Partners

The CV Academic Foundation works with a robust network of professional and educational organizations to deliver the most effective career guidance and development opportunities available for motivated students nationally and across the globe.

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