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Defining Your Career Pathway

CV Academics Foundation combines professional knowledge, expertly crafted resources, and real-world educational experiences with engaging technology to offer students groundbreaking career guidance all at the touch of a button. From your computer, tablet or smartphone, easily access our academic and career development platform and start amplifying your professional trajectory today!

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High School Students
Undergraduate And Graduate Students
Non-Traditional Students
  • College, university and professional school application guidance
  • Peer-to-peer group discussions
  • Tailored mentorship’s and real-world learning
  • Educational resources
  • In-person and virtual learning opportunities
  • Effective CV creation (curriculum vitae/resume)
  • Full scope of experiences to expand your CV
  • Science-based best practices
  • Evidence-based content

Discover Your Successful Career Pathway with CV Academics

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Tailored Curriculum

Program members can easily access our academic and career development platform from any internet device using just a browser or our mobile app. Once logged in, users can access courses and engaging educational content developed by CVA and a team of experts, to help provide greater insight into their dream careers. All of our educational courses have been developed by subject matter experts and provide supplementary materials to help motivated students dive deeper into the career pathway of their choice.

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Mentorships & Real-World Learning

CV Academics mentors are experienced graduate and undergraduate students, young professionals, and seasoned veterans who can help our members truly understand the demands, challenges, and rewards of their profession. These mentors provide member students with unique and fresh insight into the activities, experiences, and knowledge of people working in their field of interest. Having experienced the application, educational, and training processes required to excel, our mentors offer unmatched insight into what it takes to succeed.

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Career Development

Students benefit from our academic and career development platform, mentorship network, peer-to-peer experience sharing, and top-notch resources to discover new, and more clearly defined career options based on their skills, interests, and passions. Members have the unique opportunity to learn about the many diverse career possibilities in any given industry and to find their perfect pathway.

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Expert Resources

The CV Academics Foundation works with Sponsors and Learning Partners to provide science-based, evidence-based content that students can access at any time. These resources are specifically developed to provide greater insight regarding numerous highly-skilled professions. With a membership to one of the CVA programs, along with our CV Builder, students can easily keep up with changes in their industry, track and build their progress, and learn about new trends in their field of choice, empowering them to make the best educational and professional decisions possible.

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Academic Guidance

CV Academics provides tailored academic guidance to students at all points of engagement, from high school, through undergraduate and graduate school, to adult learning experiences. Members have access to incredible networking and mentorship opportunities and can learn from the experiences of other like-minded peers to develop the skills, confidence, and experience required to tackle their next educational step.

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