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Our Mission and Vision

It’s our mission to provide students with unparalleled access to academic and career development opportunities using expert educational resources, peer-to-peer and professional mentorships, and real-world learning to foster meaningful achievements and guide successful career pathways.

Our vision is to strengthen communities by providing students of all backgrounds access to comprehensive academic networks, engaging career resources, and real-world learning opportunities that foster personal and professional development.


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Connecting Motivated Students with Real-World Professional Experiences

What started with our flagship program, the American Medical Pathway Honors Program, is quickly expanding to provide a first-of-its-kind, robust, peer-to-peer, community-based, virtual educational platform for students interested in pursuing specialized career paths.

Our educational programs work to connect students with like-minded peers, experienced mentors, and our network of professional resources to effectively explore and define a clear pathway to success in the professional field of their choice.



Our Innovative Approach to Academic & Career Guidance


CV Academics Foundation’s innovative digital learning platform provides students with dynamic educational experiences customized around their interests and academic level. Supported by a robust network of mentors and industry-relevant resources, students have access to real-world knowledge and career guidance.


We partner with industry-recognized professional organizations and educational institutions to develop and provide real-world experiences for students seeking active engagement with the professional fields of their choice. Our partnerships help facilitate ground-breaking curriculum and educational resources that provide our students with innovative curriculum vitae (CV) building opportunities.


Students can access our educational platform from virtually anywhere. We leverage continuously advancing technology to create a sustainable, remote, educational community for all students. Our unique software offers students, from all socioeconomic backgrounds, a one-of-a-kind connection to the future profession of their choice.


Our Comprehensive Pathway to Student Success


Career-Focused Education Designed to Foster Successful Futures

We connect motivated students with mentors, resources, experiences, and curriculum for a number of highly skilled professions. Our community-based, virtual platform connects students and professionals from across the country to help build competitive, experience-based student resumes.

We provide scholarships and financial assistance for our programs to students in need to help overcome location and socioeconomic hurdles, giving them access to invaluable, industry-specific experience in order to develop a more dynamic, engaged, and diverse future workforce.

Join the American Medical Pathway Honors Program

From high school to professional education, AMP HP gives you access to the right resources and experiences at the right time.

American Medical Pathway Honors Program (AMP HP) provides you with measurable achievements specifically designed to help you navigate a successful career path in healthcare. We’ll help you focus your interests, make the most out of your educational investments, and make positive career choices for a successful future.

You’ll have access to healthcare mentors, expertly developed medical curriculum and resources, and real-world experiences that help you build a competitive, experience-based medical resume (CV).

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Are you a student ready to connect?

CVA programs like the American Medical Pathway Honors Program (AMP HP) are available to individual students seeking extra guidance along their educational and career pathway. Our programs are accessible to all students – you only need access to the internet and an internet-ready device to participate!

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About Our Founders

The CV Academics Foundation, a non-profit organization, was initiated by the development of the American Medical Pathway Honors Program. Established by Dr. John Ulmer and Dr. Andy Klein, AMP HP sought to provide meaningful and robust academic and career guidance for motivated students interested in becoming physicians.

The program has since grown to include the entire healthcare field, and is expanding to offer new pathways to many other highly skilled professions. In order to truly harness the potential of this innovative approach to education and career guidance, we have launched the CV Academics Foundation to guide strategic, effective growth.

As a recognized 501(c)(3), CV Academics Foundation is governed by a dedicated team of medical and educational professionals who work together to provide unmatched access to tailored, real-world professional experiences.

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