Meet Our Advisory Board

CV Academics Foundation is governed by a group of experienced professionals and educators dedicated to providing motivated students with unparalleled educational and career development opportunities. Serving in one and two year terms, each member of our Advisory Board generously volunteers their invaluable skills, experience, and time to make our academic and career development platform, events, resource development, and Foundation the best it can be for our participating students, sponsors, learning partners, and communities.

Advisory Board Requirements

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the CV Academics Foundation believes in transparent and reliable leadership and dependable stewardship of funds for the strategic and steady growth of the organization.

About the Founders of American Medical Pathway Honors Program

CV Academics Foundation, a nonprofit organization, was initiated by the development of the American Medical Pathway Honors Program (AMP HP). Established by Dr. John Ulmer and Dr. Andy Klein, AMP HP sought to provide meaningful and robust academic and career guidance for motivated students interested in becoming physicians. Through their dedication and involvement, AMP HP has become the flagship program of a much larger vision with the overarching foundation and community-based platform dedicated to providing the first-of-its-kind educational and career guidance available.